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Re: Slayers Revolution Episode 1

Well that was fun. :DD

I am impressed by how it's barely changed at all. They even use some of the same BGM. It doesn't even feel like it's been over ten years. I have absolutely no complaints about the art. Everyone looks AWESOME.

Of course, the season starts off with a town getting destroyed again. Though it was a surprise how it actually happens this time. The new mascot character thing is...intriguing? All I can say is that I like his voice so far.

I prefer the ending theme to the opening theme, though I'm starting to like it better after repeated listens. I wonder what the solar eclipse in the OP animation is going to mean?

Hmm. I'm gonna need a Slayers icon soon.

EDIT: Is anyone else going to be watching Telepathy Shoujo Ran? I caught the first episode on NHK while I was in Japan and kinda liked it, so depending on how the second episode is, I might start to follow it...
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