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Nia photobook is here!

....Most embarrassing purchase ever, lol. I feel so gay. #x_x#

I am having a blast with the comments and stuff though. Nia is so oblivious to how fanservicey some of these shots are. XD And the Yoshinari illustration is pure awesome. Nia VS Gurren-dan omg.

EDIT: Simon's guest comment-

"Remembering it now, I was really surprised when I first met Nia. To think that a girl would be inside a box. After that, Nia has always been with me and believed in me. She is an irreplaceable woman to me...... So, um, I hope that she'll always be with me from now on too......ah, no, I'll say it properly next time. Uhh, um, congratulations on the photobook."

Lord Genome's is.....creepy. x.O (He sounds like he's perving on his daughter...) And Anti-Spiral is like "THIS PHOTOBOOK WILL CAUSE THE SPIRAL NEMESIS" lol.

EDIT 2: *LOLs over entire Nia's Animal Cooking section*

EDIT 3: *LOLs over Messenger Nia's obvious bias in whether to exterminate things or take them for safekeeping* In the end, she only accepts her own photobook and the engagement ring. And she's so tsundere about the ring too. XD

EDIT 4: Hmm, Q&A wasn't as fun as it could have been. A few of her answers made me want to cry though. ;_;
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