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Oh snap, my extra icons expired while I was gone. :(

I just want everyone to know that I was not in the area with the earthquake, so me and my family were all safe. It was on the news a lot though. In fact, rather than crime dramas, Japanese TV was all food, trivia shows, food, news about the Akihabara incident and the earthquake, food, stupid game shows, and more food.

OH OH and my Gurren Lagann DVD is here. :D Though I got the 6th DVD in Japan too (oh god was it expensive never again). And I found a Princess Tutu gashapon at a supermarket in Nakaizu. *just saying random stuff now*

Going to spend the rest of the night checking my flist! Will post a fuckton of pictures tomorrow.

EDIT: And thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes! ♥ I ended up not drinking any alcohol though. Maybe some other time. :/
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