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So, I started showing my mom Gurren Lagann a while ago. We made it up to episode 21 today. I swear, I introduced her to this show in the weirdest way possible. Before even showing her a single episode, we'd listened to the OST, radio shows, and the drama CD together in the car, I had her read me some stuff about the 3rd arc episodes from the Otona Anime mook, roughly summarized the plot of the third novel to her, and had her read some of my AU fanfic. Is it any wonder that she could see the Messenger Nia thing coming from a mile away?

Anyway, her initial reaction was okay. She did not groan and complain constantly like she did with Princess Tutu, and actually seemed to find it amusing (though she teared up when Kamina found his dad in episode 2). She said the fight scenes were boring, but since we've been watching it mostly during dinner on our new computer in the dining room, she said that it was like watching TV in Japan again. :D

However, she HATED Simon. XD; Somewhere during the 2nd arc, she turned to me and said "I don't like the boy with the robot." I told her he was my favorite character, and she asked me why. I wasn't really prepared to defend him properly so I just said, "Uh...he gets cool later on." Then today, while watching episodes 19-21, I pointed out Simon in the 2nd ED and said, "SEE? Didn't I tell you?" And she was like "...A kid with that kind of whimpy personality wouldn't become so cool in reality." WHATEVER, MOM. You weren't even paying attention when Simon kicked butt by himself in episode 7. :|

Also, she pointed out that I look just like pre-timeskip Rossiu. And the thing is...she's totally right. T__T The eyebrows, the forehead, the short ponytail... Well, now I know who to cosplay as next. *sigh*

And after rewatching this show for the...what, third/fourth time? I have to reaffirm my opinion that the story really only picks up once you reach the 3rd arc. Even though I love the 2nd arc, it's just fight after fight after fight and it's tiring to watch if you're marathoning it (this was especially the case when we watched it in Anime Club). Mom seemed much more interested when we reached the 3rd arc episodes too. So now I think that it wasn't a coincidence that checking out episode 17 was what first got me into this show. I also think that the best possible way of watching this show is only one or two episodes each week, because otherwise it just goes REALLY fast, especially when it comes to the 3rd and 4th arcs.

Btw, after we finish Gurren Lagann, I want to try showing her Macross Frontier and Kurenai. ♥
Tags: anime, family, gurren lagann

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