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WAAAAAAAAAIIII!!!! My package has finally arrived! :DDD

Inside, we have some facial cream stuff for mom, some "An Doughnuts" (doughnuts with red bean paste? WTF? Are we supposed to eat this?), and MOST importantly, Meitantei Conan Manga Volume 47 and Kino no Tabi Novel Volume 8! WOOHOO!

I don't have time to read this all right now, so I just skimmed through them. For Conan, that's all I really need actually. By now the plot and character interactions are so repetitive that I only have to look at the pictures to guess exactly what's going on. I don't even bother reading the cases anymore.
So here's the important stuff: Ran suspects that Conan is Shinichi again (and here we go through the same old stuff), and she finds Conan's cell phone. She then proceeds to try and uncover his password and spends all night pushing in numbers. The first one she tries is his birthday, but yeah, that's just too easy. Then she thinks 'oh, but what if it's my birthday?, it can't be that!! ...but what if it is? I can at least try... but omg! What'll I do if it is?!" *blush blush blush* Well, it turns out it wasn't. And she gets all pissed. XD
She eventually does figure out his password, which is 4869 ("shi-ya-ro-ku" = "sherlock"). AHAHAHA HE USES THE CODE NUMBER FOR THE SHRINKING DRUG HOW CLEVER! And then more things happen, and she ends up sending all these mails to Shinichi, but then more things happen, and Conan is able to fool her once again. Yawn.
And later on the Detective Boys spy on Takagi as he tries to buy some jewelry for Satou-san or something, and of course then there's a robbery. And the robber seemingly commits suicide. So GASP IS THIS ANOTHER HOMICIDE?! Blah blah blah blah mystery solved the jewelry fiasco was a misunderstanding we don't have any progress on Takagi's relationship. End of that story.
And then Ran, Conan, Kazuha, and Heiji all go to a magic show! (Unfortunately, Kaitou Kid does not show up.) And then there's a murder. And Heiji and Conan work together to solve it. But AH! We have something different! Kazuha is getting all blushy and clingy with this one magician guy and Heiji gets all angry about that and can't concentrate on the case. He's all like "I wonder why?" And Conan sighs, puts his hand on his shoulder, and says " such a kid." And Heiji literally pulls him off the ground by the front of his shirt and yells "I refuse to be called a kid by a kid dammit!!!!"
So they solve the mystery and Heiji thinks he's figured out why he's getting all mad. He thinks its because he's a father figure for Kazuha and is getting jealous. ...Yeah. Conan's expression sums that up perfectly. IIIIDIOT! And then in the last panel of the manga Ran sends Shinichi mail asking him if he thinks of her in a fatherly way. -_-

As for Kino, this is going to take time to read. Time to catch up on my kanji skills! But anyway, cover is GORGEOUS. Illustrations are GORGEOUS. Advertisements for the movie or whatever are also GORGEOUS. So now that we have that down, let's move on to what little I can understand of the content.
Letseeeee ummm...who's this little girl with Shizu and Riku? Do I know her? I don't think so. Hmmmmmm. AH! What's this? A story with Shishou! But...Kino and Hermes are talking later on in the same story! WHAT WHAT WHAT??? And ummm a couple more stories...wait, epilogue already? Wow it's like Volume 7 where the epilogue takes up about half of the book. How interesting. Huh? It's Shizu and Riku on a raft with that weird girl! Her name is... *peers at writing* Tea? Tee? Something like that. Aaaannndd *flipping through pages* OMG I'm getting serious Shizu/Tea vibes here. He's shielding her from the rain! WTF? Isn't this like the second little girl Shizu's met besides Kino? He has GOT to be lolicon!
*flips through more pages* OMGWTF?!?!?!?!?! It's KINO! OMG! Kino and Shizu meet again! OMG!!!! *runs around in circles* But waitaminute WOAH WOAH WOAH WAIT WHY IS SHIZU COVERED IN BLOOD HERE?! NOOOOOOO! WHAT'S HAPPENED? DON'T DIE SHIZU DON'T DIE! (Why do I have the feeling Kino has something to do with this? ><) And this Tea girl is just standing beside him all emotionless like Ayanami Rei. I don't like her. >( And NO NO NO WHY DOES IT END HERE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT I'M SO CONFUSED!!!!
Ugh. Gotta bug mom to read me this. I cannot miss any details!!

That's it for now. My aunt said she'll send me the new manga volume of Fullmetal Alchemist next. <3 I also asked her if she could find the Hagaren DX thing, and she said she'd never heard of it but would go check at the bookstore. Yaaaaaaaay~!

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