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Catching up on Spring 2008 anime reactions

Allison & Lillia Episodes 3-4:

My first reaction to the end of episode 4 was "Ehhhhhhh? It's over already?!" That was kinda...anti-climatic. But then I realized that the first four episodes must only cover the first novel in the series, so that made sense. The dogfights in the episode were pretty damn awesome though; I hope to see more of that later on. And Carr Benedict is probably my favorite character at this point. However, I have to wonder if some things are being censored in the anime since it's airing on NHK. Details such as the paint gun rounds, the parachutes, Will just shooting the guy's arm and then they get crushed under rocks? Sigsawa Keiichi can be pretty hardcore violent in the Kino no Tabi novels so...I wonder.

Tower of Druaga Episodes 3-4:

This probably won't be my surprise favorite after all, but it's still fun to watch. Gil's party is such a loveable bunch of losers, misfits, and weirdos (well, except for Ahmey). And Kaaya constantly amuses me. She's so quotable. XD

"Don't worry. I lied."
"Just kidding. It was the truth. ^_^"

Anyway, I'm sticking with this show because I'm fond of the characters. Though a few things do intrigue me, such as that blue woman talking to Neeba in episode 4...but regardless of any plot, I'm enjoying it just as a light-hearted fantasy.

Macross Frontier Episodes 1-4:

Kim recommended this to me, and I have to admit...this is starting to become my favorite of the Spring season. I haven't seen any Macross series before this (other than a couple of episodes of Macross Zero), but it's not hard to follow. Music is catchy, animation looks incredible, characters are likeable, and the action sequences actually have me on the edge of my seat.

I really like Alto as a protagonist, with his Kabuki background and bishounen appearance but MANLY personality. It's like he always needs to be asserting his masculinity with people calling him "princess" all the time. XD I also admit to being all for Alto/Ranka; they're so cute. I'm mostly indifferent to Sheryll so far. I don't usually like love triangles though, so that's one thing that may turn me off the show in the future. But for now, I'm loving it.


As for Kaiba, I haven't been able to watch anything past the first episode. I can't find it streamed anywhere. >_< DAMMIT YU-GI-OH! And I haven't seen episode 82 of KKM yet...since the whole deal with Wolfram was cleared up, I'm not as interested anymore. I still have no idea what the overall story for the season is going to be, or if it'll even have one. So I'll probably put it on hold for a while.
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