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Pairing Poll Results

Almost forgot about this. XD;

So, among the people who watch my journal and bothered voting in the poll, the most popular of my favorite pairings are...

1. Ed/Winry (Fullmetal Alchemist) =27 votes=

Image source

2. Al/Mei (Fullmetal Alchemist) =21 votes=

Image source

3. Howl/Sophie (Howl's Moving Castle) =19 votes=

Image source

As for others...

I said before that I might share some Simon/Nia fanart, but by now my collection is so huge (and about half of it I found on 4chan so I don't know the source) that I think I'll just share two of my favorite fanart sites for the pairing instead. XD;

Aurora Vision: So...beautiful...

Ligne: Just a TON of gorgeous GL fanart in general.

I have sort of a confession to make. I'd been feeling kind of tired of the Fakir/Ahiru pairing for the past few months, and the reason is probably because that seems to be what the fandom mostly focuses on. And after seeing the same sort of pairing in other places, it didn't feel very original to me anymore. I even almost made a fandom secret about it before realizing that I don't have anything to hide on my own journal. :/

Meanwhile, my love for Mytho/Rue just continued to grow. I know some people like pairings that have 'issues' (and Mytho/Rue has a LOT of issues, almost to an unhealthy extent). But personally I prefer how their relationship is portrayed in the second half of the show, and I think it has to do with the fact that you start to see how Mytho feels about Rue too. In the first half, the only part you really get to see her feelings returned are in episode 5 (and that part I do like).

I tend to prefer pairings where the feelings are mutual. In Mytho/Rue's case, it's all the more sweeter because Rue spent most of the show as a villain, and she feels horrible about it, but Mytho still loves her anyway because they have history, even though for all those years he wasn't able to express or understand what he felt for her, and that's what caused her to get insecure and jealous in the first place. It's so bittersweet. They totally deserved a happy ending, if just so they could finally be completely honest and at ease with each other.

Anyway, now that I'm rewatching Princess Tutu in Anime Club, I'm beginning to rediscover why I loved Fakir/Ahiru so much. Mainly, the fact that they did not expect to find each other at all, but they were both exactly what they needed. I also tend to like pairings where there is mutual dependence, and Fakir/Ahiru has just that. Fighting alone for all that time, until they finally come together and find strength in each other. It was hinted even early on in the first half of the show (like the gem named Courage being made of two stones combined). Even if you take away the romantic aspect, their relationship just warms my heart.

Here are two songs that pretty much sum up what I like about these two pairings:
Fakir/Ahiru- Ever the Same
Mytho/Rue- I Need You To Love Me

I kinda wanted to say something about this pairing since I saw The Second Raid. For the first series and Fumoffu, I only thought that they were cute, if a bit cliche'd. But all the development they had in The Second Raid was amazing, even considering they weren't together for the majority of the time. Definitely my favorite moment was when Kaname cut his hair, and Sousuke's reactions to the events following that. I mean, he just completely fell apart! And meanwhile, Kaname proved how AWESOME she is even on her own. Seriously, I was impressed. The Second Raid totally sold me on the pairing, and I'll be looking forward to KyoAni making more someday, because dammit, it was SO CLOSE! She almost confessed! He nearly hugged her! COME ON, I WANT MORE! XD
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