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More anime impressions

Allison & Lillia Episode 2:

Allison and Will are so cute~ The old lady's story in this episode again reminded me of Kino no Tabi. It's strange, not all that much has actually happened in two episodes, but it's starting to get exciting. I like that now Will is personally interested in this treasure hunt even though Allison just dragged him into it in the beginning. Also, as I was watching this on Nicovideo, some of the comments just cracked me up. The scene with the deer made me laugh out loud, and I loved how all the commenters went crazy when Allison and Will shared a bed. XDD "Lillia is going to be conceived tonight!!"

Kaiba Episode 1: about surreal. O.o The OP theme is great, and the style is certainly very different (I don't mind it though). I already like Popo (it's Paku Romi, how could I not?). And though it looks childish, this world is pretty twisted, what with people selling bodies and memories and killing each other to make a profit. Anyway, I'll be looking forward to the next episode.

I also watched Toshokan Sensou, which was okay, though the main girl kept reminding me of Yoko. XD I'm willing to watch up to the next episode before I decide to follow it or not. And Soul be honest, apart from the fight scenes, it bored me. And it's gonna be like 50 episodes, right? I'll have to pass on this one. :/

EDIT: I'm still giggling over that deer scene. XD So RANDOM. It probably would have been better if Will just got injured when the plane crashed...
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