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Re: The Tower of DRUAGA Episode 1 (AGAIN)

OH GOD. XDD It's been a while since the first episode of an anime had me laughing so hard. Not just once, but TWICE.

Let me explain. Except for the very beginning and end, all of the first episode of The Tower of DRUAGA was basically just the main character's dream. However, turns out there is another version of the same episode that shows what goes on with the rest of the party while Jil is unconscious.

Here are the two versions, played side by side.

LMAO. What I find most hilarious is how the two versions synchronize whenever Jil is talking in his sleep. And how in his dream everyone's like "We love you Jil, you're a great hero!!" while in reality they're all "What a newb, he got knocked out with one shot, let's leave this loser behind! >/" There are a couple of differences in the OP animations too. Even the episode titles are different.

tl;dr- Useless main character is useless. Good work GONZO, I am entertained. XD

EDIT: Watching it again... "Kizetsushitaaa?!" / "Suteki~!" XDD
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