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More Simon fangirling, excuse me

First of all, I apologize for the fact that most of my posts these days are just about Gurren Lagann, but honestly, a ton of new stuff keeps coming out and it's all very exciting. And at least I'm taking most of my info-dumping to the Animesuki forums.

I have to say my favorite part of the promo for the Music Clip Project is this:

Simon swordfighting with While wearing lots of red. AND THAT SMILE!

And I keep listening to the audio for the 9th DVD CM over and over again because OMG ADULT SIMON VOICE. *_*

Meguru ginga no sono hate no
aoku kagayaku chiisana hoshi no
chiisana otoko no ooki na hanashi
katari tsukuseba hi ga mata noboru

Again, I have to say that Kakihara Tetsuya has some amazing range, because that sounds nothing like his young!Simon voice. Aaand now I have the new radio show to listen to. I'm barely able to keep up with all this stuff. XD
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