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And more STUFF

So...things that came in the mail yesterday.

-Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 19 BOB IS ON THE SPINE. So doesn't this mean technically Father has been on the spine two times now...? O_o Wonder if this means we could possibly get Greedling on the spine later on? Hopefully?? Because Ling has been on the spine but Greed hasn't... Oh, and Olivier finally made it onto the Character page. Her name is spelled "Olivier Mira Armstrong." :O And this volume has FIVE chapters in it, so the omake only consists of one 4-koma. The "Digital High Vision/Analog" gag on the inside cover cracked me up though.

-Gurren Lagann Comic Anthology 3 I'm actually kinda meh on this one overall. The stories come from all over the timeline, and about half of it is pure crack. But the cover art and illustrations are gorgeous. *_* And there's some more post-timeskip Simon/Nia bakappuru fun ("Nia, today's lunch tastes better than ever! Did you use some new ingredients?" "I prepared the food with a drill instead of a knife..." "Wonderful, Nia!!") The very last story, "Anniversary," killed me though. I won't say too much because of spoilers, but it takes place during the week after everyone returns to Earth in the last episode, and has some great Yoko+Nia scenes. ;_; It made me tear up.

And now....I don't have anything to order until Summer comes around. D: *sigh*...

EDIT: I am so amused by the comments to my last post, btw. It's like everyone was giving testimonials of love for Simon's goggles. Ahaha. XD
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