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ILU Nakashima

So I've started reading Chapter 6 of the Final Drill mook. This is the part that covers the bootleg! event that was in January. I'll be posting some info I find interesting/amusing in here and continue updating as I read along.

-Nakashima's favorite character is the grapehippo LOL.

-Viral met his dream wife in a bar. Her name is Tsuuma- not taken from "tsuma" (wife) but from "motsu" (have). His daughter's name is Memusu.

-Kamina had no job in Jiiha village, his father and the chief were close friends. Simon's father, Takishimu, invented the drill.

-Nakashima: "Gurren" is a story of multiple universes, so the "Gurren" that you believe in is the truth!

-Nakashima is making up stuff on the spot for nearly every question, then they ask Imaishi what he thinks about it, and it becomes official. I love these guys. XD

--"Why is Simon's left eye a spiral in the last episode?"
Nakashima: That? Farsightedness that comes with age (laugh). Abbreviate "Lord Genome's eye" and it's "Lord eye" (laugh).
宮: Isn't that a pun!
Nakashima: That is just the Spiral Power energy being visible on the surface of the eye.
宮: Does anything change?
Nakashima: He can't see things that are far away.....?
宮: Then it's just farsightedness! (laugh)

-Simon, Kamina, and Rossiu's seiyuu came as surprise guests. :OO They appear saying "Who the hell do you think we are?!" in unison and in-character. AWESOME.

-Konishi ad-libbed a line for Makken when he died, but it got cut. "I wanted to eat Mommy's curry rice...."

-In the first scenario for episode 5, when Rossiu brings the book up to the surface, he said "I can't read it so it won't be of any use," and Simon shows him the Core Drill and says "This isn't of any use but I still treasure it." Saiga thinks that if they'd kept that, her feelings toward Simon might have changed a bit. (Actually, I think the manga version kept it.)

-...And now Hiyama turns up too. (Jeez, poor Inoue Marina, why didn't they invite her? D:) Everyone's calling him "Yuusha-ou" lol (GaoGaiGar reference).

-Originally, Viral's "SIMON, GO!" line while throwing Lagann was the last thing said before the Anti-Spiral was defeated. But then they realized that it would sound like Hiyama was the one who defeated the Anti-Spiral, and that's why they added in "Lagann Impact!" Sure enough, I just checked the ep. 27 storyboard and "Lagann Impact" isn't there. XD

-Everyone always teases Kakihara. And now he's going to imitate Hiyama again. He seriously seems to do that every time they're together. XD And now they're throwing around lines from GaoGaiGar... After Hiyama does a line from GaoGaiGar, Kakihara and Konishi each do "GIGA DRILL BREAK." Then the fans want to hear Rossiu and Viral's Giga Drill Break too, so they do it. XD

-That's it? No information on the movie or secret project at all. Guess my speculation about that was wrong then. This also proves that whoever was saying on 4chan that "it was revealed at the event that it would be a trilogy of movies" was lying. :/

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