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Re: Chapter 81

REVIVAL *______*

Me: the only thing I know about this chapter so far is that Winry is shown semi-nude in the bathtub, thanks to 4chan. XD
Me: so that's three characters who've had shower/bath scenes...
Kirsten: Okay, almost done download!
Kirsten: Annnnnnnnnd ready to read- sdfhlkfjgadfg omg MangaViewer opened up to Kojika chapter 34 lskfhlsjkfhsdf now I REALLY WANT CHAPTER 35 ;________;
Kirsten: ...
Kirsten: Anyway.
Kirsten: ...sfhjsfdhds Holy crap the cover. *_________*
Kirsten: ...Are you ready to start? :O
Me: okay, ready!
Me: sorry, was making myself some toast Xd
Kirsten: S'okay!
Kirsten: ...AHAHAHA HOHO.
Me: omgomg *_*
Me: best reaction ever
Kirsten: ...Omg title page.
Kirsten: The title sounds like it belongs in Pokemon or something.
Me: Arakawa did a good job on his hair though
Me: ahaha
Kirsten: Oh ew what crappy scan quality
Me: ew, ugly scans D:
Me: well this is awkward... XD
Kirsten: You can just FEEL the awkwardness XD
Me: at least if it was Ed, he'd be giving his dad a punch so they'll know where they stand in THAT relationship
Me: aw, he just leaves ;_;
Me: aww Al
Me: ...I never imagined they would come back to Lior again. this feels really weird in a way.
Kirsten: Yeah. o.O
Me: hahaha Yoki
Kirsten: ROSE XD
Kirsten: HAUU~ KAAIIIII~~~
Me: Rose has a lot of clothes :O
Me: bath scene~
Kirsten: AHAHA
Kirsten: This chapter seems to be full of fanservice so far.
Me: why does Winry look so cute with her hair wet omggg
Kirsten: First for the girls, now for the boys.
Me: XD true
Me: Rose+Winry BFF pleeease let it happen *_*
Kirsten: *___*
Me: ewww creepy doll things D:
Me: they want to make a ZOMBIE ARMY
Kirsten: djhlksjdfhsd WAIT WAIT
Kirsten: Sorry, I completely forgot about my stuff in the oven and had to run off
Kirsten: They were in there for about... ten minutes longer than they should have been.
Me: O_O
Kirsten: Okay, back to reading...
Me: what page are you on? :O
Kirsten: I'm on... 15 now. Um, according to MangaViewer anyway... page 69 by Gangan pages?
Me: okay. XD *on page 17*
Me: oh man I love Bido now somehow
Kirsten: sdfhglkghfdsfgkdg!!!!!!!!!!
Me: :X *waits for you to catch up*
Me: are you on page 20 yet??
Kirsten: Ummm...
Kirsten: I'm on the page where the chimera are all like "Nakama? Nakama. Nakama!" except for some reason I misread that as "okama"
Me: XD
Kirsten: :O Bido's looking for Greed?
Kirsten: Was that established before and I just completely forgot?
Me: I think so?
Me: when the guys from Central came to look for Izumi, he snuck onto their car hoping they might lead him to where Greed is I think
Kirsten: Ah... I need to reread back-chapters, seriously.
Kirsten: Maybe I should start scanlating them again soon. Immersing myself in the chapters for about twenty hours does WONDERS for remembering what happens.
Kirsten: And I don't want to read the other groups' scanlations because they suck.
Me: Volume 19 should be coming out in a couple of weeks...we could use tankoubon scans. :D
Kirsten: Yeah!
Kirsten: If we're going to do that though, I kind of want to use my own scans, so maybe I'll buy extra copies of... 19 and 18 and... 17? How far behind are we? and nuke them.
Me: what was the last chapter we scanlated? it was after Pride was revealed...
Kirsten: Umm...
Kirsten: Gosh, I've been neglecing the site so bad. I haven't updated since the first of the year. ;_;
Kirsten: Our last chapter was 72
Kirsten: ......WOW.
Me: then we've done all but the last chapter of Volume 18...
Kirsten: Ooh, really? That's not as bad as I thought!
Kirsten: I think we'll have to wait until the end of April to really get cracking on this stuff though, because I'm not doing so well in my ED 101 course and I need to concentrate on getting my grade up. ;_;
Me: okay!
Me: I need to work on my grades too D:
Kirsten: I'm doing awesome in my BS course though.
Kirsten: This is one of the projects I had to do for it.
Me: Godzilla?? XD
Kirsten: YES 8D
Kirsten: I just had to make a graphic organizer about whatever I wanted as long as it was educational, so I chose that randomly.
Kirsten: ...ANYWAY.
Kirsten: Back to Hagaren!
Me: *still waiting for you to get to page 20* XD
Kirsten: ...Is page 20 the one where Greedling shows up? *_______*
Kirsten: If it is then I'M THERE.
Kirsten: sljh;lsdfhakjfdhadfh
Kirsten: ADFHADFHADJadlf;kjfd *___________*
Kirsten: So, I can't remember. It's when his hair is covering his RIGHT eye that he's Greed, right?
Kirsten: Or is Arakawa playing with us and OMG THAT'S NOT GREED IT'S LING!
Kirsten: ...That's probably Greed though isn't it.
Me: oh god it's been a long time, I can't remember D:
Me: but Ling doesn't know who Bido is, so it's more likely Greed
Me: *goes to get volumes 13-15*
Kirsten: Okay, yeah, that's Greed.
Kirsten: BUT WAIT...
Me: yup, that's the Greed eye
Me: oh man, I can't believe I JUST noticed this. the Volume 17 cover's color scheme is white, and Volume 18, is black...
Kirsten: Okay, but check out Greedling's appearance in chapter 73...
Me: the one where he's flirting with a chimera?
Kirsten: Yes.
Me: both eyes :O
Kirsten: Wtf does THAT mean?
Me: both Greed AND Ling like chimeras?!
Kirsten: Omg now I'm getting bunnied.
Me: :OO
Me: well I guess technically, he could have both eyes open as either Greed or Ling, it just depends on which eye is focused on...
Me: and which side his hair is.
Kirsten: Okay, it's taking forever to get done this chapter *goes back to reading*
Me: Al and Hohopapa <3
Kirsten: :DDD
Kirsten: !!!!!!!!
Me: "Banks Bank" lol
Kirsten: Oh wait...
Kirsten: But still AAAHGGGGGGDfhfhadfjdafjfds
Me: Ed still can't move on his own? ;__;
Me: they really took him to a doctor ;____;
Kirsten: GFjskflhjksfdjhafjajg
Kirsten: dflkhs;ldfhsdf ED
Kirsten: sdf;lhkjs;dfkjhaAHAHAHAHAHA
Me: OH GOD I MISSED HIM ;____________;
Kirsten: Splinters in the mouth = ow
Kirsten: EEEEEE *______*
Me: HE'S BACK *_________*
Me: oh god his hair...
Kirsten: Hey, remember how a while back I mentioned that maybe since he's in the north and it's winter he'd wear his hair down?
Kirsten: And you were all like "NAHHHHH NO WAI"
Me: I like that punching his arm through the wall thing....I would find that terrifying
Kirsten: Ed: Watashi, makenai! ORE MAKENEE! Honki moodo zenkai!!
Kirsten: ITSUKA NARITAI TOP COORDINATOR HOMONCULUS MASTER MOTO NO KARADA ...That doesn't work grammatically does it.
Me: XD


EDIT: Huh...I wonder who's going to be on the spine of Volume 19? Both Hohenheim and Father have already been on the spine... o.o And man, there are SO many dead people in that volume. An entire civilization. It's going to be even busier than the Volume 15 spine...

EDIT 2: And completely unrelated to everything, but does anyone know how to download music from imeem?
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