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Gurren Lagann Novel 3 rambling

I'm on Chapter 2 now,, I remember how depressing the 3rd arc was. I mean the book is really good, and I've found it to be surprisingly easy to read (I thought I would struggle with the kanji, but it actually hasn't been too much of a problem). And story-wise, the 3rd arc is my favorite part overall, but... ;__;

Oh god Kittan. He's making me want to cry. He got all arrogant saying he'll pilot a Grapal and beat the Mugan, and ended up insulting Gimmy, so the two of them fought on a simulation, and Gimmy beat Kittan easily. "I won't always be a little kid hanging around on the Dai-Gurren. Kittan-san, please do your own job."

So now Kittan is all shocked and recalling what Rossiu said at the meeting, and thinking about Yoko (I like that btw, seems to give some foreshadowing), and wondering what he's been doing the past seven years. ;__;

And I like that Simon is aware that he's left the running of Kamina City to Rossiu and feels pathetic because of that, and that he feels like he's been smouldering inside, but still tries to do what he can and planned to fulfill his duty as Commander-in-chief. I'm impressed that he actually reads through all those documents on his desk. o_o

And the people at 2ch were right, the description of Nia's transformation is quite chilling. "Her world, everything in her world came to an end." ;_________;

And Old Coco. ;__; Went right back into the kitchen to make Nia's favorite vegetable soup. ;____; (Also, apparently his real name is "Sheebs"?)

...Even though I know how it'll all turn out, it's been a while since a book has made me teary-eyed like this.

Some less depressing details:

-Dayakka asks Simon after the meeting when he'll marry Nia. Simon says nothing and his expression turns cloudy. Ahaha. Poor guy. Nia turned down his proposal just before the meeting. XD

-Rossiu suspects that the reason why Simon doesn't want a last name is due to that time he fought Guame and introduced himself: "I am myself, Simon the Digger!" Rossiu was in Gurren's cockpit at the time so he understands the importance of those words to Simon, and that's why he doesn't bother him about it too much. "His name is Simon, just Simon the Digger. Nothing more and nothing less." This part made me smile. :)

-When Nia saw the Kamina statues, she knew just how much Simon loved him and how important Kamina was to him. And seeing how he could feel so much for a person, Nia thought she could believe in him. Awww! And Nia asking Simon to make the big Kamina statue is mentioned too, yay! :D

EDIT: I'm not the only one who sees the difference in this, right? And I don't mean picture quality, I mean the actual art. (The bottom picture is the TV version, the top one is from the DVD).

EDIT 2: OH THANK GOD. The deadline for the final draft of my Globalization paper got an extension~~ *___* Now I can focus on studying for my Statistics test more instead...
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