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For people who haven't heard already, there is going to be a GURREN LAGANN MOVIE. Soooo thrilled. I'd go read speculation on 2ch, but right now I'm a little overwhelmed by all the other reading material I've got.

Stuff that came in the mail today: Juushin Enbu Volume 2, Gurren Lagann Novel 3, GL Comic Anthology Volume 2.

-Juushin Enbu: It has four chapters this time! Chapters 4-7. Awesome. *_* And in the back there's a one-page omake that seems to be another anecdote from Arakawa's trip to China. OH ALSO Chapter 9 of Juushin Enbu is out~ Haven't read it yet, but I probably will tonight.

-GL Novel 3: Eeeeee! I'm loving the illustrations. I've flipped through and read a few scenes (the proposal scene & prison fight specifically) and so far I like it. Honestly, I don't get what people in the Nia thread were complaining about. O.o Nia seems fine to me...

-Comic Anthology 2: I think my enjoyment of this has been affected by the fact that the most LOL-worthy parts were leaked onto 2ch and I'd already finished laughing at them last week. :( But this was still very worth the purchase. (The first story in particular...I kinda wish it was canon.) Over half of the stories actually take place during the 7-year timeskip. Nia isn't in this one as much as the first book, but there's a lot of Viral and Simon+Viral to make up for it IMO. *__* Anyway, would anyone be interested in me writing summaries for this again...?

Aaand since I won't be getting any DVDs until ADV straightens things out, for the next few months I'll just be buying manga and other books. There is a TON of stuff coming out in March that I want. I'd say this makes up for my not getting much for Christmas. Yay~
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