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Most people probably wouldn't understand this, lol

XD "Eternally" by Utada Hikaru is now my official Ed/Winry song. It's so mushy and OOC, but whenever I hear it I can't help but go AWWWW HOW CUTE! And it's on Winry's playlist... XD
RPing is fun. Especially on AIM. You have to think quick and stay in character, which is actually pretty hard to do at the same time. Like last night, suddenly we find out the punch was spiked, so I had to start playing Winry getting drunk in about two seconds. SO messed up. XD
Winry stole Ed's boxers when they were 10~~~!

EDIT: Dammit umeko_pyon!!! You've succeeded in making me think Ed/Winry the whole day! >

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