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More GL Novel 3 hearsay

Decided to ramble about this here from now on because when I last posted in the Gurren Lagann comm, a couple of people seemed annoyed by it. Beats me as to why, it's not like I was talking about something irrelevant, as it's by the guy who wrote the friggin script. *ahem*

I ventured into the Simon thread at 2ch a while ago in search of more novel news. I usually don't go in there much, because everyone calls him "Simon-kyun" and fawns over his shota version, which I find kinda creepy despite being a Simon fan myself. But anyway, I found what I was looking for.

In the novel version, Spiral Power is depicted as a tangible form of energy inherent in Simon's body. Just as it was written in the main thread, it has enough pressure to throw off the civilians surrounding and grabbing at him; when he concentrates, he glows enough so that Viral can see it; it sharpens his five senses; he grapples with an automatic police robot with his bare hands (though Viral also helped) and defeats it; it seems to have the effect of boosting his body's abilities. However, at these points it's slightly implied that if he were to misuse it in a fit of passion, something bad would happen.

Also, he's been training in martial arts ever since becoming Commander-in-Chief, so in the fight with the bird beastman and Viral in the baths, you get the feeling that he's quite a master at it.

AWESOME. *__* Basically I am happy to hear that he can indeed kick ass without piloting a robot, but not to the point that he's turned into Son Goku. And that he's been doing some training, not just sitting at a desk all day. When the anime was still airing I sometimes wondered whether he had done any experimenting with Spiral Power in those seven years since he obviously has the potential, and it looks like he did at least a little bit, though it's probably just something that came along naturally with physical training, because he doesn't seem the type to bother with that kind of stuff without any need for it.

And seeing the people in the Simon thread talk about how he gives off such a leaderly presence and their comments on the illustrations....I WANT THIS BOOK DAMMIT. March is still so far away. ;__; I guess the only downside is that pretty much everyone agrees that Nia's characterization feels flat compared to the anime (aside from the scene where she transforms into her Anti-Spiral form), and how Simon & Nia's relationship is portrayed lacks passion to the point that it's almost like they're just good friends.

And that there's generally not much focus on the female characters (in the main thread they were discussing the lack of insight into Kinon's thoughts in particular). But hopefully Nakashima will focus on the girls more in Novel 4, since that'll probably start with Yoko's story? Because I agree with the people in the Nia'll be so disappointing if it stays this way even up to the wedding scene. DD:

Ummm letsee, other novel details I've picked up:

-Leeron decided to stick with Rossiu in the 3rd arc because he knew Simon would be able to pick himself up in the end.
-Lord Genome, being a computer now, only uses facial expressions to make things more understandable for the people he's talking to.
-Kittan goes drinking at a bar after the scene where Kinon slaps him.
-In the scene where Simon is arrested, he tries shaking Rossiu's hand and instead gets handcuffed. (Someone pointed out that maybe this is supposed to tie into them taking hands in episode 23.)
-Rossiu at one point thinks back on the past, how he followed Kamina, Yoko, and Simon to the surface, but now all three of them are gone.
-Boota dived into Leite's boobs too?!
-Old Coco left the royal palace to look for Nia after she was thrown away. He also cooked a meal for her because she got engaged...

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