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This week's SaiGAR rambling

Well. So far the Quarter Finals are looking to be pretty lame. Now if Simon doesn't make it in, I will give up on this competition. (But really, do I even need to bother campaigning for him this time? I've been hearing that this Orange guy is a joke nomination. But then, considering Hosaka making it this far....)

As for Keiichi VS Nagasumi...I think I've reached a decision. But it's totally biased.

Keiichi is kind of a perv, and proud of it. Nagasumi (from what I've seen) is occasionally pervy, but has self-control and just tries really hard to respect San-chan and keep her out of trouble even with her yakuza father sending assassins after him all the time. That takes a whole lot of guts, patience, and CHIVALRY. From a girl's perspective, I have to say I respect Nagasumi a bit more as a man. But really, they're both awesome.

In other news, Anime Club tonight kinda sucked. We keep getting kicked out of our rooms on Tuesdays. Last week the Classics club kicked us out of Gosnold 101, and this week a Psych class kicked us out of Anderson Auditorium. We had to resort to watching Lucky Star on Kevin's laptop. Which wasn't all that bad actually, but it wouldn't work with a big group, and as an official club, it felt pathetic. I wonder if there's ANY room on campus that we could use now, or if we'll be forced to move the meeting to Thursday. :/

EDIT: I am SO glad the mods have enough sense not to let this guy in. I mean WTF?
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