Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

RPG Pimping

You know that RPG I was talking about maybe applying for a few days ago? Well, I got in. But we're not starting for another two weeks. The problem is...more people need to apply before we have a full class. Thus my pimping it here right now.

Battle Royale Oblivion (br_oblivion) is a multifandom RPG based on the book Battle Royale. I know, horrible story is horrible, but it's one of my favorite books. The whole scenario is inherently tragic, but the choices each of the characters make, either sticking to their morals or falling to fear and paranoia, how the situation forces them to form relationships they would have never thought possible, how their true feelings come to the surface, how their various backgrounds are gradually revealed, and depending on how brilliant they are, coming up with some EPIC plans to escape the system- it's all incredibly fascinating.

And yes, there will be character death. At least one a day or everyone automatically dies. That's actually one of the things that draws me to this premise as an RPG, because there is risk involved, and you'd have to make the most of your time playing. But one week in real time = one day in game time, so you can take your time with it too. And I presume there will eventually be a conclusion, so it won't be going on forever.

Anyway, if anyone's interested, you can reserve a character and then apply. We could really use more girls. D: (Gender doesn't affect one's chances of survival much btw, because for all you know you might end up with a machine gun as a weapon.)

EDIT: Oh gawd, Mukuro from Reborn! was just accepted. That's a little intimidating. XD;;
Tags: rpg

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