Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

So. SaiGAR. Kittan losing sucks, but now I shall be rooting for Jonathan to win that group. However, I will be annoyed if Simon doesn't get to Quarter Finals. Seriously. I will be campaigning for him heavily. Expect a pro-Simon post sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Somewhat related- would....anyone like to play Kamina in a Battle Royale RP? ._. I shouldn't even be considering this really; the last two RPGs I applied for, I couldn't even last one day. But this one gets me feeling excited just thinking about it, and if I ever feel like dropping, my character just gets killed off! LULZ. So anyone interested? I don't want to do it unless I have a Kamina. ._. SOMEONE RESERVED KAMINA YESSS.

*goes back to doing schoolwork/laundry*

EDIT: OMFG, I just remembered the new FMA chapter should be coming out any day now. O_O
Tags: gurren lagann, rpg, saigar

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