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So after seeing some mentions of it around, I finally found the episode of Justice League Unlimited, "Epilogue," that's supposed to finish the Batman Beyond storyline. And I have to say....HOLY CRAP.

I don't know how to feel about this. My reactions while watching went from ;__; to WTF to Awwww! I've always loved Bruce and Terry's relationship so I kinda like the idea, but it's still weirding me out at the moment.

Also, adult!Terry is ugly. And it's sad seeing Bruce so old. D: He must be like in his 90's here?? But the part where Terry goes "I DON'T WANT ANY TEA!" and smashes the cup made me LOL because it reminded me of Zuko. (What kind of bizarre future is it that green tea is colored red anyway?)

I recommend watching it if you're a fan of Batman. Don't worry about not knowing some characters; personally I don't think I could keep track of all these Justice League people even if I tried.

Epilogue (Part 1)
Epilogue (Part 2)

EDIT: Rewatching it now, Terry and Amanda Waller's dialogue after he breaks the cup cracks me up. This episode has some great scriptwriting. XD
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