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First post

Okay, so randomly, I decided to create a Livejournal account. Why? I don't have a freakin' clue. It's not like I'll be updating it a lot anyway. Whenever I ever try to start a diary, I never write in it again. But whatever. So here I am.
Right now I'm listening to Full Metal Alchemist music and reading Full Metal Alchemist manga. Man, I think I'm going to start crying, this is such an emotional series. I just finished watching episode 35 of FMA too. Lust is a totally awesome character and all, but it was still a filler episode. I want to get back to the plot!
I stayed up until 1 in the morning translating Chapter 4 of Kino no Tabi book 2 (after which I stayed up 2 more hours reading FMA). I loved that story when I first read it, but after spending hours and hours and HOURS going over those damn news articles, it can get irritating. I think I'll start on the next chapter later in the day. Who knows.

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