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Sounds good, sounds good! I'm amused that they don't even try to match the mouth flaps though. XD

EDIT: Also Avatar-related, but I rewatched the Season 2 boxset in the past week, and I just can't get over how much I love the second season. Everything in Ba Sing Se is brilliant (though I still think The Guru had some problems). I'm also ready to forgive Mike & Brian for the season finale now, having listened to the commentary and seen Day of Black Sun. Zuko screwed up, yes, and he is an idiot, but he was able to learn on his own eventually instead of just being pulled along by a mentor. So I'm feeling better about it now.

And I've realized that I'm still not that fond of Aang in Season 1, but Season 2+ up he's one of my favorite characters. Seriously, he's been fighting with Zuko over the #2 position for a while now. It's weird.
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