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Re: Dai-Guard Episodes 6-9

Hahaha wow, I'm really enjoying this show. I'm impressed how every episode manages to be entertaining, even though they follow the same formula of "Heterodyne attacks -> Let's fight it!" Well actually, episode 8 didn't have any fights at all since it was a cool-down character development episode, but it still made me LOL. In fact I find myself laughing out loud a lot. This is good because I thought I might start to get bored of it by now.

Episode 7 was the Akagi and Shirota bonding episode, and it was CUTE. I am so friendshipping them. I mean honestly, going out to eat together, hand-over-hand piloting, Shirota repeatedly screaming "AKAGI!" and trying to save him, Shirota actually smiling and laughing....just wow. XD

Episode 9 also made me laugh for how pathetic Dai-Guard looked trying (and failing) to climb up a mountain, getting its head stuck in the ground, and having to be driven around and combining over and over again to catch up with the Heterodyne. And everyone going *FACEPALM* each time it fails. And when it finally gets to use its new weapon, the KNOT BUSTER!!!, all it does is punch a hole in the Heterodyne and deflate it. LOL.
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