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Re: Terrestrial Defense Corp. Dai-Guard Episodes 1-5

Yes, I am aware that Chapter 78 is out, but I'm going to wait until Kirsten is off from work to read it, so please don't spoil me~

Anyway, last night I began watching this show called Dai-Guard that was already in my collection. You see, some years ago this otaku-ish Japanese guy who was working at the patent law firm left me all of the anime DVDs that he'd bought while living in America when he moved back to Japan. (This is how I got to watch Nadia: Secret of the Blue Water and most of Chrono Crusade.) And then yesterday I realized that these DVDs included the Dai-Guard Perfect Collection, and as I'm now more tolerant of the mecha genre after watching Gurren Lagann, I decided to give it a try.

So far, it's been pretty fun. I think it'd have to be with a catchphrase like "Even a salaryman can protect the peace!" And basically, that's what the story is about. Save the world from monsters and corporate bureaucracy!

The main character, Akagi, is basically a salaryman with a personality of the usual shounen protagonist. But I'm happy this show has a quality heroine in Ibuki: no fanservice, she takes pride in her role as one of Dai-Guard's pilots, she's not afraid of putting her life on the line for a mission, and it doesn't look like she'll be forced into being a romantic interest either (I'm actually rooting for Akagi to end up with the office lady Ooyama instead). There's also Shirota, the stone-faced uptight tactical advisor who I'm hoping will start to loosen up later on.

The Board of Directors cracks me up. They're the secondary enemies in the show, along with the military. Early on they spent like half an episode signing and stamping piles of papers just to approve of Dai-Guard being launched, and by the time they were done, the fight was already over. XD And then later, in a board meeting they talk about how the new publicity is going to raise their stocks and laughing evilly while Shirota sits there clearly thinking "WTF is with these people." XD

The Dai-Guard itself is a very clumsy mech, but that also gives it some of its charm. I'm actually not sure whether to classify it as a super robot, because while it certainly looks and fights like a super robot, there are lots of realistic issues involved in piloting it. Like for example, it gets a drill arm in episode 2, but for a while they can't get Dai-Guard to do anything because they're all "Holy crap how do I control this thing?!" Dai-Guard actually needs three pilots in order to move properly, and there have been a couple times where it simply runs out of power right in the middle of a fight and they have to wait for its batteries to be recharged.

Oh, but there was this great scene where Akagi yells "ROCKET PUNCH!" and Ibuki and Aoyama are like "WHAT?!" Then Dai-Guard breaks off its hand and just chucks it at the Heterodyne. XD The hand ends up landing in a nearby baseball stadium. XD

It's also amusing watching the rest of the 21st Century Security Corporation fretting over the costs of damage as Dai-Guard runs around throwing cars and tearing up the landscape. Especially that one guy who keeps messing with his calculator while watching the fights. XD

So yeah, it's a decent show so far. There are hints of it getting serious later on, but right now the cheesy humor is enough to keep me entertained.

Here's the OP theme. It is very catchy. :D
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