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Different taste in music but AWESOME

I am so enthralled with this Gurren Lagann FST. It's PERFECT. *___*

That's it, I'm gonna finally post my Darker than Black FST this weekend before I forget about it again. >.>

Also, I feel kinda bad about this, but I listened to the episode of the Gurren Lagann Radio Show that came right after episode 8 aired...and it made me crack up so much. It was the sad violin background music, I swear. And how they were being so dramatic in the beginning. And how they interviewed Lagann, asking for its thoughts on the episode, and for a while all you could hear are drill sounds. And then Inoue Marina said "I wonder what Lagann-san was saying?" and Kakihara was like "*snort* I-I think rather than expressing it in words, he was crying." Of course, the rest of the show was more serious and almost made me tear up a few times.
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