Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

Taken from...everyone.

Take the first sentence (or two) from the first post of each month of 2007. That's your year in review.

January: "Crowley + Aziraphale = BFF"

February: "So I finally got Alex reading the FMA manga again by lending her the Viz releases..."

March: "So I just finished watching Now and Then, Here and There."

April: "I haven't been posting much, have I? I've been either too busy or too lazy these days."

May: "Translation of Goma's report here for my post here."

June: "I think it's refreshing to see a female protagonist who's so cute, kickass, complex, and interesting."

July: "Happy Fourth of July!!! Time for more anime rambling. :D"

August: "Darker than BLACK Episode 18: Oh wow, I really liked this episode! "

September: "Today is a beautiful day. I stepped outside and was like WOW."


November: "Dear Detective Conan fans on my flist, Would any of you happen to have a mp3 of "Everlasting" by B'z?"

December: "OMG Kamina fighting Yakuza and failing school, Kittan riding a King Kittan motorcycle and challenging Kamina to a fight, Nia is the board chairman and scolding Kamina for running in the halls. XDDDD"

Uhh, wow. Almost all of it is fandom-related stuff. o_o; And it seems that I start off my posts with "So I..." quite often.
Tags: i suck, meme

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