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Actually, I'm not into Rossiu/Kinon that much, though I think it's damn cute, but this is pretty interesting considering the different dynamics in the drama CD canon (like woah, this time he's older than her...and they're enemies). Well, technically, they had zero interaction in the drama CD, but one can imagine them having a Romeo & Juliet thing going on in the future. XD

And I'm really just happy to see fanworks for this canon. I just think it would be fun to play around with, mostly because of the fact that there is NO ANGST. Everyone is alive and well. Some pairings can get happy endings now. It even has new character dynamics, and gives more room to explore.

I'm not saying that the original canon sucks, not at all. I wouldn't trade it for anything. But it would be refreshing to read some fanfics once in a while that don't have a 50% chance of making me want to cry.

Oh yeah, and about that comic again, I especially love the parts with Viral. Viral+Rossiu is like my favorite thing that's come from the drama CD. It's so amusing. I've been collecting fanart of them. I need to make a post on that later on...
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