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Another short and random post

Oh man, this cracks me up. My favorites are the ones with Louise, St. George slaying the Welsh dragon, the Gurren-dan logo ("a rather cool dragon" lmao), and the leeks.

Last night I was experimenting with Nicovideo and uploaded my Moving Forward MMV. This morning, I woke up to find 15 comments. Eeee, someone wrote "神MAD"! I am so flattered. :D Maybe I'll upload the "Road We're On" MMV later too.

Also, I am really wanting a rip of the Gurren Lagann drama CD that comes with the latest DVD. From what I've been reading on blogs, it's a highschool AU crack comedy that has Kamina/Nia and Rossiu/Viral interaction. OH GOD I NEED TO HEAR THAT. IT'S LIKE GAKUEN KINO ALL OVER AGAIN LOL.
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