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I'm still alive!

Just haven't felt like posting much lately. Also, mom got upset with me for being on the computer over Thanksgiving break, so most of last week was spent eating (by my request, we had oyako donburi instead of turkey...and apple pie has become my new favorite food next to spring rolls), reading (I'll have to make a post about this sometime), and in a fit of nostalgia, watching movies that we haven't seen in 5+ years (Far and Away wasn't as good as I remembered it to be, but I still love The Jungle Book...Jason Scott Lee is adorable and Cary Elwes can play a pretty good villain). Good times. ♥ Oh, but I still managed to watch Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai (I'm all caught up now!) and Gunbuster.

Higurashi Kai: I like it much better than the first season. Now that it's actually gotten into the plot, it's become more interesting (while first season was pretty much just KILLER LOLIS LOL with only hints of plot), and touching too. It's kinda lost the horror element now, but seeing everyone work together to break through fate instead is worth it. I can actually care for the characters now that they're not just killing each other all the time. The Massacre arc made me cry at least two times. ;__; And I'll be voting for Keiichi in SaiGAR, definitely.

Gunbuster: This, along with Speaker for the Dead and Voices of a Distant Star, has taught me that time dilation SUCKS. Space travel scares me now. D: Anyway, I think this could have been better if it were a few episodes longer. For example, the thing with Kazumi and Coach kinda came out of nowhere. And I wanted to see more of Smith Toren because you barely get to know him- his death scene was very well done btw, in that it was so barely there. There was an eerie sense of realism that made me go "Wait...what? That's it? He's gone? WHAT?! SHIT NO NORIKO WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" I would have liked to see more of Gunbuster (the mecha) too. But overall, I liked it and can see why it's considered a classic.

Now I want to watch more of Diebuster, but I can't find episodes 3-6 anywhere. Can someone help me with that? D:

As for other anime....I'm like three weeks behind on Juushin Enbu, Ghost Hound, and Dennou Coil, and I've given up trying to care for Rental Magica. But I don't really feel like catching up on those right now (nor do I have the time), so I'm leaving it until the semester is over. No anime reviews for a while, sorry!
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