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Registering for classes again

OMG is this for real?! This is my first time registering for classes that I was able to get all the ones I wanted, at the times I wanted, within the first two minutes!

This is my first stress-free registration day WOOT! :D

I talked to my Advisor yesterday and finally decided to change my major to Sociology w/ Concentration in Anthropology, so my classes are just the requirement classes I haven't taken yet: Sociological Theory, Reading Literature, Statistics, etc. Not very thrilling stuff. I've taken Statistics before and withdrew from it before I could fail, but this time the professor is the same guy who taught the College Algebra class (in which I got the highest grades I've ever had in math), so I think I'll do better this time.

The only class I'm really looking forward to is the usual Anthropology: Health and Healing. I'm still not entirely sure what it's actually about, and the professor seems to be someone new, but it sure sounds interesting.
Tags: anthropology, college, real life

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