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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Simon/Nia FST

I started making this on a whim on Friday. And oh man, I cried so many times while putting it together. ;__; Gawd these two have such a beautiful relationship. Is this really from a super robot show?? Because I seriously think they're becoming one of my most favorite pairings ever.

Two of the songs were thanks to fulguratus and 7thisgod from this post. I got the idea for "I'm always close to you" from this MAD which made me cry and is definitely worth a look. Also check out the full lyrics for the last three songs, because they really, really fit.

And I'd recommend listening to the songs in order, because it's supposed to tell their story from the beginning to the very end. That being said, there are SPOILERS FOR THE LAST EPISODE!

1. "Here Comes the Rain" - Raj Rammaya

Right from the moment I met you,
I knew that I could never forget everything that kept
hope there between us and pulled us through

Right from the moment I saw you,
I knew that I just had to have you here forever,
Girl say that we will never come apart against the odds

2. "Falling For the First Time" - Barenaked Ladies

I'm so cool, too bad I'm a loser
I'm so smart, too bad I can't get anything figured out
I'm so brave, too bad I'm a baby
I'm so fly, that's probably why it
Feels just like I'm falling for the first time

3. "Believe In You" - Amanda Marshall

I will hold you up
I will help you stand
I will comfort you when you need a friend
I will be the voice that's calling out

I believe in you
And there are just so many ways that
I believe in you
Baby, what else can I do but believe in you
All I want to know is you believe
Believe in you

4. "YOUR SUNRISE" - Bugy Craxone

I want to joke together like we are consoling each other
We've found a definite answer

I want to try crossing the deep darkness
I want to try believing in myself too
Standing here
I stand here
You stand here
We're sharing it together

5. "Honey And The Moon" - Joseph Arthur

We're made out of blood and rust
looking for someone to trust without a fight
I think that you came too soon
you're the honey and the moon
that lights up my night

But right now
everything you want is wrong,
and right now
all your dreams are waking up,
and right now
I wish that I could follow you
to the shores of freedom
where no one lives

6. "Say Goodbye" - Skillet

Things are changing
It seems strange and
I need to figure this out
You've got your life
I got mine
But you're all I cared about
Yesterday we were laughing
Today I'm left here asking
Where has all the time gone now
I'm left alone somehow
Growing up and getting older
I don't want to believe it's over

7. "Drop In The Ocean" - Michelle Branch

And every time I drift away
I lose myself in you
And now I see I can be me
In everything I do

'Cause I was feeling as small
as a drop in the ocean
And now I realize that
nothing has been as beautiful
As when I saw heaven's skies
In your eyes
In your eyes

8. "I Will Get There" - Boyz II Men

And I'll get through this
I'll find my way again
So don't tell me that it's over
'Cause each step just gets me closer
I will get there
I will get there somehow
Cross that river
Nothing's stoppin' me now
I will get through the night
And make it through to the other side

9. "Because You Loved Me" - Celine Dion

You gave me wings and made me fly
You touched my hand I could touch the sky
I lost my faith, you gave it back to me
You said no star was out of reach
You stood by me and I stood tall
I had your love I had it all
I'm grateful for each day you gave me
Maybe I don't know that much
But I know this much is true
I was blessed because I was loved by you

10. "HERO" - Mr. Children

I don't expect to be like my idols
whose actions and mannerisms I imitated as a child.
But I'd like to be a hero,
just for you,
to reach a hand out to you,
when you stumble or fall

11. "I'm always close to you" - Ritsuko Okazaki

I'm all right
I love you
I love my life
I'm always close to you

I'm sorry that our parting is sudden
it feels a little lonely now
but it isn't sorrow
one day, it will become a memory

Promise me just one thing
live on, live on
no matter what happens, you must never give up
that would be the most charming thing

12. "Everlasting" - B'z

When I met you (in this world)
Right from that moment (oh, you're not alone)
I thought to myself that I'm not alone anymore

Thinking that no matter where (no matter when)
You're watching me from some place (you're still by my side)
This thought is what always keeps me going
Forever, an everlasting love
No matter where, a love that never dies...


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