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Return of the anime reviews

It's a bit embarrassing to admit this, but......I miss 4chan. What happened to it?!

Dennou Coil Episode 21:

ISAKOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Oh man, everything is just falling apart for her! ;___; Honestly, it broke my heart when the black automaton destroyed the Mojos and Isako scooped up the last one into her hand. ;___; And what those boys did to her brother's doll. ;___; One of the Nicovideo comments said "Nice boat" at that moment LOL.

She's just so utterly alone, you know? It seems like she gets bullied at school no matter where she goes, and even her home life is pretty lacking. And she's been working so hard to bring her brother back, only to find out that he's been dead all this time and she was just being used?! DDDDDDDDDDDDDD: It's not like she's that bad! She helped Yasako and Haraken, after all!


Rental Magica Episode 3:

I didn't like the 2nd episode very much, but this one was good. I didn't understand it completely as it dealt entirely with Shinto magic, but because of that it was also interesting to watch. To be honest, I was considering dropping this show last week, but thanks to this episode, I'll keep watching for a while longer. Anyway, since Mikan got her focus episode this week, I hope Nekoyashiki gets one eventually since he's my favorite character so far, but it's like they're intentionally trying to show less of him as possible, he gets barely any screentime. D:

Also, the OP theme is pretty damn cool.

Juushin Enbu Episode 3:

Meh...I don't want to compare it to the manga too much, but it's kinda hard not to with this episode. It tried to accomplish the same things as the second chapter of the manga (namely, introducing Koyou and developing Ryuukou & Taitou's relationship), but it just didn't work as well. For one, Ryuukou and Koyou both show a lot more personality in the manga than they do in the anime. Because of that, I didn't feel anything when Ryuukou stopped calling Taitou "Taitou-dono," because they didn't put any importance behind it and we didn't see Ryuukou's uptight-ness first. Whereas in the manga, that was a definite "AWW" moment for me.

Koyou seems to be a different character in the anime; here he's the captain of the Touga who hangs out with important government officials, where in the manga he's just a minor seaman who hangs out at the inn doing make-up for girls. Also, Taitou and co. saving the town from a falling statue wasn't as visually impressive as saving the town from a flooding river. So yeah, you could say I'm disappointed by this episode. >.>;

In other anime-related news, I'm feeling sad about BACCANO! and Dennou Coil coming to an end soon. Because frankly, this Fall season sucks. If I do eventually drop Rental Magica, pretty soon I'll only have Juushin Enbu, Ghost Hound, Avatar, and Heroes to watch each week. Well, maybe the Death Note dub too. :/ And wtf, why didn't ANN at least mention Ghost Hound?
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