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Almost time to go!

Whoah. Just what was I ON last night?? Though that crossover thing was pretty damn neat. I should go look for other similarities. Anything to cross two of my favorite anime. XD

We'll be heading out for Union Station soon. I wonder if we'll have time to explore this time? Anyway, I'll be going to Dad's house for the remainder of the weekend so I dunno whether I can use the internet again.
I'm going to be comparing my trip today with the one from this summer. Hopefully the view will be better. BUT! This time we're riding in business class! :D
I never did finish writing that travelogue. Which is a shame, I had a lot to say about the Museum of Art, and scary underground malls. And the stupid Franklin Center (I'm still bitter about that).
And, um, that's about it.


Kino/Ed OTP!

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