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Fast Japan is FAST.

Juushin Enbu OP:

I like it! It's great to see Arakawa's character designs animated. But woah, is Taitou supposed to look that much taller than Laila? O_O Also, zombies LOL.

Juushin Enbu ED:

HAHAHA is this supposed to show the 'couples'? Taitou and Laila, Housei and his monkey, Ryuukou and Linmei (LOL), Koyou and some girl I've never seen before?

...But seriously, I'm getting a Laila -> Taitou vibe here, and I hope it doesn't happen if they still grew up as siblings in the anime. :|

EDIT: Oh snap, the OP song is already getting stuck in my head.
Tags: anime, juushin enbu

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