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Re: Gurren Lagann Episode 6 (DVD version)

Episode 6 has always been my least favorite episode of this series. The only things I liked about it were all the scenes with Rossiu and Viral's appearance at the end. Otherwise, it was your typical hot springs episode with everyone running around naked and lots of recap added in (because the real episode was too risque to show on TV). In comparison, I really liked the beach episode in the second story arc, because it had plot development, character development, great action scenes, and actually very little fanservice (which they even made into a joke).

Now the 3rd DVD has come out in Japan and I felt compelled as a fan to watch the 6th episode uncensored, even though I have no interest in fanservice or seeing Kamina act like a pervert. As I thought, I like it even less than the TV version. Admittedly, it had me laughing a few times, because the whole time Kamina is only thinking with know...and the "FIGHT THE POWER" and EPIC music used while he tries to peek on the girls. But most of the time I was just going *FACEPALM*. -_-

Well...okay, there were two new scenes that I liked. One was when Simon was drilling a hole in the wall and heard the girls talking about him and Kamina. Yoko denies being interested in Kamina, and the siblings ask her about Simon, to which she says "PASS." Simon is heartbroken. They go on to list all the things they don't find attractive about him (he's just a kid, he's unreliable, etc). But then Yoko says that he could be a good man if he tries a little harder because he usually pulls through when it matters. Now Simon is happy and covers up the hole in the wall, giving up drilling. That was cute. XD

I also liked Yoko punching Kamina later on, because he seriously deserved it. Then he says the episode title, "I WANT TO SEE WHAT I WANT TO SEE." And Yoko says that if he wanted to see so much, she could have shown him anytime. And everyone's like "O_O........" LOL. XD

But overall, I still don't like it. I wish it was filler-ish enough so you could just skip over it, but unfortunately it has the first mention of the Helix King, introduces Old Coco, brings back the Black Siblings, develops Rossiu's character more, and it leads right up into episode 7. :/ (And Viral's "BUT FIRST, PUT YOUR DAMN CLOTHES ON" line in ep. 7 is too priceless to get rid of.) Meh...oh well. I just think it's a shame, because if it weren't for episode 4 and 6, I'd consider this anime nearly perfect.
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