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There's a One Piece fan in my Pirates class.

Today we got the assignment for our second paper, and it's a critique on any media that has pirates. At first I was considering doing One Piece myself, but then realized that I wouldn't have time to watch more episodes/read more of the manga. So I decided on doing Treasure Planet (I saw it in theaters once and liked it okay), and went up to the professor to ask if I could use it for my critique.

This guy named Steven was talking to her first though, so I waited. He was asking if he could use a TV show, and I heard him say that it has about 300 episodes and that he downloads them because the American version is awful [Professor: "You mean you pirate them? ;)"].

So then I ask him, "Are you talking about One Piece?" And he was. Then we both went on to describe to the professor how awful 4Kids' dub was.

I just thought that was cool. I think I'd like to read his paper when he's done. XD

EDIT: Okay, seriously, what is WRONG with these kids?! O_O I wonder if he just tried to copy the first girl....that is messed up.
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