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School stuff blah blah blah

In order to prove that there is more to my life than anime, I took notes during my classes today and here is my report:

Okay, I like my teacher, but I still HATE the class. It feels like we've been going over the same material for weeks. If I hear "let's review the Articles of Confederation" one more time, I swear I'm going to crack. It doesn't help that we already learned this in US History last year too. For the past few days I kept nodding off during class, but I still didn't miss anything.
Also, the neighboring history teacher come over ALL THE TIME to talk about sports. A couple days ago he gave us a long, supposedly inspiring speech on what a historic event this Redsocks vs. Yankees game is going to be. I don't care for sports, nor know much about it, so I just looked on with amusement, but you'd think the guy would get in trouble for interrupting our class so much.

I'm really enjoying this class. Today we had an activity about leadership roles. We got into groups to build towers out of straws. My group lost, but it was fun. I scored really low for leadership skills, which doesn't surprise me. I just don't have that kind of personality. I offer ideas and help out with tasks, but for the most part my policy is to go with the flow. I think the only time I ever do assume a leadership position is when the people I'm working with are too lazy or incompetent to get the job done.

Well, Brianna and I have finally found a nice place to sit. Before, we were forced to move from table to table, floor to floor, because people kept invading our space. Why can't people just stay in one place? I don't much like the nomadic lifestyle. But now I'm satisfied. The only other people sitting at our table are Freshmans, and they aren't too annoying.

Another day using the Celestia program. These things are really cool.
Previously, we'd been looking at galaxies on the Deep Space Explorer program, and man oh man were they pretty. That's how shallow I am- instead of marvelling at the size of the universe, I found joy in clicking on random dots in space and squealing at the pretty colors.
I'm against imperialism, so I felt guilty for wanting to claim some as my own, like how galaxies were condensed into a singularity HAHAHA little marbles in the Men In Black movie. That would be cool- "I'll trade you my pink elliptical galaxy for your green spiral with the orange core. How about it?" Heh. It'd be amusing if some billions of light years away, an alien was pointing at our insignificant galaxy and going, "Ooh, that's pretty, I want it!"
We also checked our quizzes from last time. The person who's quiz I graded has some spelling issues. She couldn't even spell 'spiral' right. I mean, "sprial"?! Aren't we supposed to be in high school?

English was bleh. That's about it.

See? I DO have other things to talk about!

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