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Well, Princess Tutu may not be winning the vote, but it's still making its way through my Anime Club. Near the end of last semester, Mary Sue and her friend wanted to watch it so I let her borrow the first five DVDs.

And Brittany wanted to borrow the first DVD last night, and then later on she sent me an email saying she'd finished watching it and loved it, along with most of her apartment, and that they wanted more. So I let her borrow the remaining DVDs this afternoon, and let another one of her friends borrow the 1st DVD.

YAY. :) Those DVDs were well worth the money.

Also, I listened to Waltz of the Flowers for the first time in a couple of months and I don't know how to explain it, but I was just blown away by it again. Ahh, classical music. ♥

EDIT: Going through my Princess Tutu playlist once more....fghzlajsfids CLASSICAL MUSIC. ♥
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