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Chapter 75 Translation

Well, I've got some spare time now, and I need to work off this frustration. And this chapter seems pretty easy. Mind as well translate some of it. :/

Page 1
Hohenheim, who recieved a name from the "Homunculus." He's acquired knowledge, learned letters...and...
You write "sun" like this
Like this?
Right, right
This is "moon"
Hey, how do you write "fish"?
Like this
This means "Catch three fish"
Reading and writing sure is great
Yeah, we won't be tricked by the higher classes so much anymore
Where did you learn to read and write all of a sudden?
That's a secret!

Page 2
How about we calculate two-digit numbers tomorrow
Ohh, thanks!
What are you doing wasting time at a place like this!!
You scum! Do you want to go without food!
Wah.....! I'm sorry, master!!
...You can write letters?
Yes...well, I can read, write, and do math
That's a surprise
I see.....I thought the slaves were oddly knowledgable these days; so you were teaching them

Page 3
Not just reading and writing, but I've been dabbling in a little alchemy too, master
Would you have me as an assistant?
Chapter 75: The Last Days of Xerxes
"All things were created from one, and all things will return to one"
"In other words, one is all"
"There is all due to one, and there is all inside of one"

Page 4
"Unless you have one with all, there is no all"
You've become a full-grown alchemist now, Hohenheim
I'm not past the level of an assistant yet
I'm still far from being as skilled as the master
I'm grateful to you
For what?
Thanks to your giving me knowledge, I can have a good life like this. My days as a slave seem so long ago.
Why, I'm the one who should be thanking you
I was able to be born into this world because you gave up your blood. In other words, you're my parent.
I don't even have a family yet but I already have a child, huh?

Page 5
A family, hm...
Humans are so inconvenient. Unless you have a community and breed, your species won't continue to exist
Don't call it breeding
It might seem stupid to you
But for us humans, we can have happiness in things like families and friends
Hmmm, is that so
Then what would make you happy?
That's right...
I won't say anything too extravagant, but first I'd be happy if I could have a body outside of this flask
Because if I go outside of this container, I'll die

Page 6
Hey! Did you take it out of the laboratory again, Hohenheim?
I have business with the homunculus. Give it back.
I'm sorry
It seems the king wants to talk to you
(The king, huh?)
(I wonder what it is?)
Sigh...why do those who have power and glory always go there...
Mind your language, homunculus

Page 7
You are in the presence of the King of Xerxes
If you continue to be rude, I'll smash this flask to pieces!
So you say
But you were only able to create me by accident
If you do something to me now, won't the only thing that will be smashed to pieces be your heads?
Enough idle talk
Is it possible or not?

Page 8
Impatience due to aging. How sad, King of Xerxes.
I'll tell you the Way of Immortality

Page 9
What are you working on? Sure is big
An irrigation waterway
The king's order is to dig waterways all throughout the country
Really? Maybe our fields will be blessed by them too
That's the King of Xerxes for you
He thinks about us common folk too
Keep up the good work
Hope it's finished soon
Maybe we can bring them something later

Page 10
What is it with this noise
You're from the waterway......!!

Page 11
Don't let a single man escape
Next is....

Page 12
They say Bodas village in the north disappeared in a single night
They say they might have been attacked by bandits
They killed every single person, it was cruel
It's horrible
They say Bodas village was attacked by bandits and they were massacred
That's terrible

Page 13
Your Majesty, the waterways are completed
Your long-desired transmutation circle is now..... took long...finally
Is this how it should be, homunculus?
No problem. You will be immortal, king.
It was unfortunate for those in the villages used in the transmutation circle
But now....
We the people of Xerxes will obtain eternal peace under your wisdom, Your Majesty

Page 14
Now, let us start the ritual

Page 15
The king is going to become immortal
It's the moment of the century...!!

Page 16
Ohh...this is.....
What is it?!
What's wrong?!
It can't be
You said we won't come to any harm...

Page 17
What's going on?!
Hey homun......
......What did you do?!
The real center of the transmutation circle is here, where you're standing
I used your blood inside of me to open the Doors
Hohenheim, my family who shared with me your blood
Right now, you and I are at the center of everything

Page 18-19

Page 22
Why is it so quiet

Page 23
Dead...they're all...
What is this...
Please answer

Page 24
It's useless
They've all had their souls taken out
! King!!
You're safe!
Does it suit me?
It took it from around the place and put it on
How's your body?
Is it in good condition?

Page 25

Page 26
I created a container for myself using your blood's information as a base
Good grief. I'm finally able to walk on my own feet.
You...are you the homunculus?!
I don't understand what happened! What do you mean by my body's condition?!
Try concentrating your consciousness inside yourself
In return for giving your blood, I gave you a name
I gave you knowledge

Page 27
I gave you a body that will not decay
In return for the souls of all the humans in this country
Half of them I have for myself actually
I've finally escaped that cramped flask
I thank you for cooperating

Page 28
Hey! You with the beard!!
It is you
Hohenheim-san, right?
Do you remember me?
To think that you were Ed and Al's parent
And to think that you were my sons' master

Page 29
It seems my sons have been a lot of trouble for you
Ahaha! Please, don't worry about it
...I left the house without doing anything parent-like
I've really been putting everyone around me to a lot of trouble
Maybe you should have talked with those boys more properly when you left?
Oh, goodness
How embarrassing

Page 30
Medicine, medicine
Are you alright?!
Sig-san, please go get a car
It's fine, this always happens
I've dabbled a bit in medicine
This is not fine

Page 31
Izumi-san, you.....
You saw the Truth, didn't you?
What did you sacrifice?
Don't decieve me. I am not any regular alchemist.
And as I said before, I've dabbled in a little medicine
Though it's the Xingese variety, so you may think it sounds shady

Page 32

Me: randomly, I think Flask-kun would be another cute name for Bob
Kirsten: XD
Me: Flask-kun/Shinri-kun OTP???

Me: ....when I think about it, I think it's so funny that the almight Father used to be just a blog in a flask :D
Me: *almighty
Me: *BLOG >:[
Me: *BLOB!!!!!!
Me: DX
Kirsten: Father is the lovechild of Livejournal and Myspace. :|
Tags: fma, manga, translation

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