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Anime reactions

Mononoke Episode 9:

Wow. That was AWESOME. O_O Probably my favorite story arc in this series so far, even more than Umibouzu. The freakiness was at an all-time high near the end, and the awesome RELEASE sequence is back again, and Medicine Seller seemingly being a sadistic bastard but really not, and the COLORS, and the surprise twist, and the "ukkari, ukkari" LMAO. XDDD Just wow. I really enjoyed that.

I'm sad that the next story arc is the last one. D: But it should be veeery interesting, because it's Bakeneko again and takes places in more modern times??? How is that going to work?

Darker than Black Episode 22:


Okay, so I spoiled myself on November 11 dying yesterday, so I knew it was coming even before Amber said it. But gawd I still got teary-eyed. ;______; He had a good death, though. With the cigarrette and everything. And his sad smile. And the last thing he did was try to warn April and July. And Misaki cried. ;______;

I'm sad about it because he's such an awesome character and it happened so soon, but I'm also a bit happy for him. He went through with what he needed to do even knowing he would die. And he went out with style. Good for him.

But...what's gonna happen to April and July now? D:


Okay, the rest of the episode. Mao trying to act like a cat in the beginning was great. XD And I had such a big grin on my face when he said that no one would come for him because no Contractor would be so stupid, and the next thing you see is Hei coming for him. XDDD Oh Hei. ♥ I also loved the end when Huang was like "The only idiot here is him" and points to Hei sounding all affectionate, and Hei is friggin SMILING. ♥ So cuuuuuuute. I love these guys so much. ♥

Plot-related stuff: So the Organization's goal is to wipe out all Contractors? Oooookay. And wait, was MI6 working with them or something? And PANDORA too? I'm confused about that, I'll need to watch it with subtitles later. :/

So Amber and Evening Primrose erased Heaven's Gate and now they're trying to do the same thing to Hell's Gate to stop the Organization. I don't quite get how that works, but okay. And Hei is vital to this plan because of his powers. Come to think of it, that glowy thing has happened whenever he tried to use his powers in the vicinity of the Meteor Fragment.... And this time he heard Bai's voice. O_O

Oh yeah, November 11 says that Amber looks younger every time he sees her. That's all the evidence we need now concerning her payment. And Amber can indeed travel through time, or at least that's the implication considering since she's seen the future.

Next episode:


It really feels like this show is coming to an end now, what with one member of the recurring cast getting killed off already, so I don't think there will be much of a problem giving it a satisfying ending. Three episodes left!
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