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More on Monster

Lyrics for the Ending theme:

And slowly...
you come to realize...
it's all as it should be
you can only do so much.
If you're game enough...
you could place your trust in me.
For the love of life...
There's a trade off.
We could lose it all
but we'll go down fighting.

There is barely any background music to speak of. And animation consists of a creepy picture of an evil-looking monster thing you'd see in children's books. Irony ought to be a deadly sin. ><
I just realized what's been bothering me about Inspector Lunge. Dude, the guy is just like Archer from FMA. Pale skin, deep voice, and he gives you the feeling that he's constantly plotting something. Although he's cooler than Archer in that he has that weird habit with his hand- wiggling it around while talking to people, 'typing' their conversation in his mind so that later he could go back and 'read' their every word. I mean, that is just COOL. Here's hoping he doesn't get turned into a robot. XD
Another similarity this show has with FMA is that it seems to just LOVE to torture its main character- relentlessly! But other than that, I'm very much impressed with how much the story has developed in a mere four episodes. The writing is excellent. If they keep this up, it just might make it onto my favorite anime list. ^^
In other news, I am downloading Bleach episode 3 right now. Might possibly write about that later. Hmm, seems like all I ever talk about is anime these days. -_- There are actually interesting things I could say about school, but I always end up forgetting them once I get home. It's like my mind wipes everything blank. I should jot some notes down after every class or something. Not like anyone would be interested, but it'd add some variety, you know?

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