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Re: Gurren Lagann Episode 23

Gah, this computer is a bit slow so it took me forever to get through the episode. It kept pausing every few seconds to continue loading. T_T I'll need to rewatch it after I write this because that kinda took away from the excitement for me.


-Okay, I love that running gag with everyone spacing out because they don't know what the hell Leeron is talking about. XD And then at the end Genome is going on about how he found the Anti-Spiral planet or something and everyone's spacing out then look at Leeron. And Leeron's like *shrug* "I have no idea what he's saying either" and then Viral says "Who cares about the theory behind it, we know where to go so let's just GO." XD

-SIMON + VIRAL = BFF. XD I LOVE how the Gurren Brigade accept Viral so easily because Simon chose him.

-...Am I the only thinking Kittan/Yoko might be a possibility? O.o They had lots of fun banter in this episode and Kittan was going nuts over Yoko's boobs at the end. Of course I don't think Yoko needs to be paired up with anyone because she's awesome on her own and has her own life to go back to, but this kinda stuck out to me.

-Simon's EPIC PUNCH OF AWESOME. I've been wanting to see Simon get in another fistfight or something. XD The only thing that disappointed me about the Simon VS Viral prison fight was that we didn't actually see either of them landing blows on each other, so this made me very happy. (Yes, this is one anime where I want to see men solve problems with their FISTS.) And Simon told Rossiu how someone (Kamina obviously) did this to him once and awwww the nostalgia!

-Kinon/Rossiu AWWWWWW. Just....AWWWWWWW!

-Rossiu's book was full of unreadable nonsense. I'm a bit disappointed at this but Rossiu and the Priest got to have a good laugh at the irony of how they treated it like a treasure when it was just a piece of junk the whole time. XD

-THEY TORE THROUGH SPACE-TIME TO SAVE ROSSIU. WOW. And that is how they discovered how to warp through space. XDDD

-I'm glad we got to see Rossiu crying after Simon's trial. I feel a lot better about him now. And Simon's "You tried to do something that I couldn't, that's all. I need you, Rossiu" was so AWWW! And Rossiu staying behind to take care of Earth is a great decision.

-I need to say again that I love Viral's interaction with the rest of the Gurren Brigade. Especially Leeron LMAO.


-And of course, the uniforms. ....That's going to take a while to get used to. Especially Viral's. XDD;;;;; But Garlock looks HOT from the back. That coat is awesome. ♥♥♥♥♥

-I really, really liked the part where Simon is flying away with the flag and says "I'm going, Aniki" and we see Kamina's grave. ;____;

Over all, it was a great starting episode for the new arc. I'll probably add some more thoughts to this post after I'm done rewatching it. XD

EDIT: I forgot to add that the animation was SO smooth. Episode 22 was incredible in that regard too. Maybe not movie quality but it felt like movie quality to me. Episode 15 had an uncommonly high frame count so I wonder how these episodes compare to that? I'm almost convinced of the rumour that Gainax is spending 40% of their budget on these last episodes.
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