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Second day

I decided to drop the Reading Literature class. I don't think I can handle two literature classes at once when I already suck at that kind of thing, and I'll have more time to concentrate on my other classes because I REALLY need to get good grades this semester. I think I need Reading Literature as a requirement for my major, but I can always take it another semester, while Adolescent Literature is harder to get into. Also, the professor for Reading Literature was literally begging for some of us to drop the class today. O_o; She thinks 30 students are too much...

I've got Dr. Gustafsson again for Human Adaptation yay~! I missed her last semester. And I think I like her teaching method better than Dr. Griffin's. Both professors have very entertaining and informative lectures, but Dr. Gustafsson has powerpoints so it's much easier to take notes, and her lectures feel more organized as a result.

I started reading Under the Black Flag by David Cordingly this afternoon (for my pirates class). So far it's an interesting read, just the kind of book I'd buy to read in my own spare time. :D I also bought most of my books for Adolescent Literature, and since they're paperback novels, I haven't spent as much money on books as I thought I would. Oh, but I haven't gotten my books for Human Adaptation yet and that's going to cost over $100. :/

Now I've got a lot of reading for homework tonight and I find that I'm not dreading it for once.

(Note: I wrote this post around 7 PM, but then my internet went out for two hours. It is now past 9 PM and I have finished reading what I've been assigned for Under the Black Flag today. Best homework EVAR.)
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