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New semester yay

So I moved back to college yesterday, spent all evening hooking up my internet, and today was my first day of classes.

History 112- Same old, same old. Don't have much to say about this other than that I'm glad I was finally able to get in and that it's at 8 AM THREE TIMES A WEEK UGH. So it's a really good thing that I worked all summer because now I'm at least used to waking up around 6 AM everyday. And I have to buy a new history book because they require a new edition and that means I can't sell my old one anymore. Dx

Pirates: Past and Present- Sounds really interesting, though apparently we're going to be doing mostly research, which I suck at. But we're researching at the Mariner's Museum and the Jamestown excavation site which will be a cool experience anyway. We're watching Treasure Island this week. And Pirates of the Caribbean in October. It's gonna be cool.

Adolescent Literature- Or to be more precise, Young Adult Literature. This also sounds really interesting. We started watching the movie The Outsiders today. And I already have The Giver so I should ask my mom to send me that. Because I have to buy lots of books for this class. We're reading one novel a week or something.

Other than that, it felt really good walking around campus and up & down the stairs, even though it's blazing hot and humid outside, because I got barely any exercise over the summer. I'm done being chubby and lazy, now it's time to get thin and productive.

EDIT: Also, it needs to be Saturday night already. I think I'm going to end up just as anxious for ep. 23 of Gurren Lagann as I was for ep. 22. Gaaaaarloooooock....
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