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Re: Gurren Lagann Episode 21

OMG Yoko has become so awesome, it put tears in my eyes. :DDD I don't even mind the fanservice because she looked pretty damn cool regardless. And the last five minutes were filled with so much YES YES YES YES YES OMG YES!!!! Next episode is going to be EPIC WIN to an unhealthy degree. *___*

Simon and Viral piloting the Gurren Lagan together = YEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! HAHAHA SO HAPPY. XD All their interaction in this episode was basically AWESOME.


YOKO = BEST TEACHER EVAR. SUPER CUTE FLASHBACK. And now I really don't want the Earth to get destroyed because of Yoko's students. D:

BLOW UP THE MOON WOOOOOOOOH~! ......XDDDDDDDD omg. It's so over-the-top but I love it.

EDIT: And yes, I do believe this is sufficient payback for all the depressing stuff. Because when you get right down to it, this show is like a football game- you're meant to cheer like crazy. The only difference is that I don't like watching sports but I like watching anime. LOL, does that make sense?
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