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Thursday anime, don't let me down

This week has been kinda lame again. I've been having to deal with a bad sunburn, a sore throat, and my period all at the same time, which means that my body is weaker than usual. And the office at work is always freezing, so put that all together and I think I've caught a cold. :/ I've had barely anything to do at work all week too (today I only had five copies and one fax). But at least I was able to get some writing done. Tomorrow, I have to take the train again, but they're giving out free ice cream at work so I have that to look forward to. And that's all that's happening in my life at the moment. Now for some anime.

BACCANO! Episode 4:

-Oh geez. Ladd is VIOLENT. O_O I actually had to look away a few times there... He's enjoying himself so much though!

-The parts with Ennis and the alchemist guy confused me because they kept going back and forth in time and from different points of view. Hopefully I can make sense of this subplot after a few more episodes...

-Isaac and Miria are still extremely entertaining. XD I'm a bit disappointed that we didn't see Jacuzzi in this episode, but he'll be in the next one, and apparently he's freakishly strong? O_O I was wondering just how he came to be a gang leader when he's such a crybaby...

-Czeslaw is plotting something~! And the Rail Tracer appears! And what's with that girl with the bandanna who climbed out the window? O.o

Darker than BLACK Episode 20:

Oh my god. This episode seriously made me cry. ;__; Everything came together perfectly; it was just as good as Yin's arc, if not better.

Huang, Hei, and Mao all working together on a mission = COOL.

Mao and Hei being ordered to kill Huang if he doesn't kill Shihoko = WOAH.

Huang being unable to kill Shihoko = Awwww, but oh snap!

Huang handing the gun to Hei and telling him to do it = UNEXPECTED.

Hei not doing it and telling Huang to run away instead = MAJOR AWWWW!

Mao taking Huang's usual role of WTF HEI DO AS YOU'RE TOLD = Very unexpected. O_O

This episode proves that if there is one thing that Darker than BLACK is great at, it's character development. Hei has changed. We can see this clearly in his talk with Alma about the differences between humans and Contractors, as he recalls all the Contractors he encountered over the entire series. And all the times he's helped people out- now he does the same to Huang, because now that he's been put in the same position of having to kill a team member, he realizes how many times Huang has helped him as well. He really doesn't give a crap what the Organization wants anymore- thanks to Kenji in the Doll arc, he sees that running away is an option! "Mao, what are we? Are we just the Organization's dogs?" ♥!!

Huang has also been developing since the Yin arc, and we can see that he's changed too. "Unfortunately, I've been hanging out with Contractors for a long time now. To the point that sometimes I can't even tell the difference between me and him anymore." ♥♥♥!!!

And Huang totally looked surprised and touched by Hei's words and actions. So yes, this means that Huang has officially joined the nakama. :DDD

A few things that jade_jani and I previously talked about were also confirmed thanks to Alma- Are Contractors really so different from humans? Any human could be just as dangerous and ruthless holding a gun. Contractors are merely being treated as inhuman so their powers could be used as tools by those in power. According to Alma, the only main difference is the rational decision-making characteristic of Contractors, which might only be a product of evolution.

However, that rational decision-making isn't even consistent of all Contractors, as we see from Hei and Shihoko's suicide in this episode. So Alma could still be wrong. Not only that, but Shihoko says that all her memories except the one with Huang were cold and distant. So there must be some kind of difference when it comes to the emotions of Contractors after all. So maybe Contractors are able to feel emotion, but most of the time they're sorta...numbed down?

Also, Shihoko and Alma's payments prove that they all aren't necessarily just having to do certain actions. Shihoko has human emotions restored to her for a while, causing her to realize the horror of what she's done with her powers. And Alma grows older every time she uses her powers. So it could be entirely possible that Amber's payment is growing younger too.

Now...the next episode is looking to be AWESOME. I can even forgive Wei returning because Evening Primrose will be involved and NOVEMBER 11 will be back too!! YAAAAAY! :D's not going to air until August 30. D: NOOOOOOOOO!

Mind as well stew over the next episode preview in the meantime...

Is this Amber??? O.o If so, she looks even older than in the South America flashback... Actually, this version of Amber might be the one in the HOWLING OP, what with her being naked and all. So am I right in thinking that there could be multiple Amber's of different ages in the same time period?? Nevermind, I don't think that's Amber after all. :(

OMFG CUTE. Yes, please give me more adorable Mao scenes, because I didn't like his attitude in this episode. ;_;

I...have a confession. I'm starting to really like the idea of November/Misaki. >_>; Come on Misaki, forget BK201, you have tons more chemistry with November 11 already.
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