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I just want to complain for a bit

Fghzijfoaisoaifgs it's already time for Chapter 74?! Dammit, I'm STILL not done with the Chap. 73 translation!! >________< Basically I've not been in a FMA mood for the past month, and instead I've been using up most of my free time just keeping up with the anime I'm watching (6 shows at the moment, wow). Which is why the only thing I post about these days is anime-related. >_>

This week has especially been bad. On Monday, mom took off from work so she could help her friend (and her 1-year-old baby) to the airport (they're moving to France and had been staying at our house last week). So I had to go to and from work on the train. On the way back, I missed my stop, and by the time I realized it I was in friggin QUANTICO. So I had to wait another hour at the Quantico station for my mom to pick me up. I got home past 9 PM. That's one day wasted. On top of that I had terrible luck all day at work, so the only good thing about Monday was that the lady at the train station gave me a free donut.

And today (or technically yesterday....I should really be in bed by now), mom had to go to some party for a coworker who's leaving the firm, so I couldn't go to Writer's Group (oh shit there's only two more meetings left before I go back to college) and instead she dropped me off at this mall in Springfield for a few hours. And ugh, that was the most awful mall I've ever been to. I'm very surprised it's not closed yet. I got home past 9 PM today too. Another day wasted. The only good thing about today was that I read this manga called Parasyte at Waldenbooks and I found it very amusing in a twisted way.

Tomorrow, mom's taking off from work for a doctor's appointment so I'll have to take the train again. SIGH. This week has been lame. It's bad enough that I don't feel like I'm accomplishing anything at work (I'll write another rant post about this later on), but I'm not getting anything accomplished at home either. There were so many things I wanted to get done in July and I haven't done any of them.
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