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Re: Gurren Lagann Episode 19

The timeskip continues to break my heart. Apparently the theme for this arc is 'Heroic Failure.' Oh Simon. ;____;

-Fgzkjoaisfjfa DAMMIT ROSSIU!! He was one of my favorite characters before, but now it's getting hard to find a way to defend him. DD: Sure, his intentions are good and if it were anyone else it would make sense, but HOW COULD YOU SENTENCE YOUR FRIEND TO DEATH SO CALMLY?! AAAAAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!

-Simon is also taking all of this very calmly. Well, it's more like he's in shock and doesn't know what else to do, I think. Everything is just falling apart.... The fight in this episode was friggin awesome, the Giga Drill Maximum especially, but then Gurren Lagann got damaged and Ron's new technology took care of the Anti-Spirals so cleanly......they don't even need him to fight anymore. ;_____;

The Gurren Lagann is going to be destroyed. ;________; They took away the Core Drill!! *bawls*

-Nia is still wearing the engagement ring!!! And Simon finally realized that Nia has completely changed. T__T But still, I wonder....some part of Nia must still value that ring. All of her other jewelry disappeared, but she kept the ring. And she keeps appearing in front of Simon, talking straight to him, even though he's lost all power. And she said "goodbye" to him personally during that fight (with an evil smirk, but...) And instead of answering his questions, she touched his was almost like she wanted to show him that she still had the ring. So yeah, I think a part of her still loves him even though she's trying to kill him and everyone else now. T___T

NEXT EPISODE: Viral saves Simon from some giant chicken thing?! Those two seriously need to team up, break out of prison, join up with Yoko again and KICK SOME ANTI-SPIRAL ASS!!! >:O AND BRING BACK THE OLD NIA, I MISS HEEEEER!!! ;__;
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