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Re: Romeo x Juliet Episode 17

Oh WOW, this was a good episode. It's a big contrast to episode 16, which was probably the worst episode in the series so far. It's like everything started going downhill once Tybalt disappeared, and now that he's back again we get all these nice twists and revelations. Nice because all this time we've been complaining about how black-and-white the Montague VS Capulet sides have been, and now it turns out that HAHAHA EVERYONE IS ACTUALLY A CAPULET. I am so amused.

-So we find out that Tybalt is indeed Juliet's cousin. He is now also her brother-in-law. WTF. XD And yet this doesn't stop me from wanting to ship them together because this episode reaffirmed my opinion that Juliet is more interesting with Tybalt than she is with Romeo. Even though the levels of incest in this pairing just increase the more I think about it.

-Well, I was at least right about Tybalt being related to Montague, but wow, his SON? The end of the episode gave me shivers with just how similar the two are- I actually had trouble distinguishing who was talking. Their goals are exactly the same too: Montague is pissed at how his Capulet father ditched his prostitute mom, so he wants REVENGE. Tybalt is pissed at how his half-Capulet father ditched his Capulet mom, so he wants REVENGE. ...OH THE INCEST!

-Can I just say that I LOVE how freaked out Mercutio is now? MONTAGUE STABBED HIS FATHER AND HE HAD TO WATCH. THEN MONTAGUE TOLD MERCUTIO TO FINISH HIM OFF. HOLY SHIT. Just when he finally got what he wanted, he realized that OH SNAP MONTAGUE REALLY IS INSANELY EVIL. I love it. >D

Conclusion: The only way to avoid incest pairings in this show is to ship the minor characters. Speaking of which, I think Antonio is developing a crush on that girl who works at the mansion. How cute!
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